Dramatic loss in market value. The last great crash was in 1929. Some refer to October 1987 as a crash but the market return for the entire year of 1987 was positive. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. crash crash 1 [kræʆ] noun [countable]
1. FINANCE a time when many stocks and shares lose a lot of their value very quickly, usually when investors lose confidence in the market and want to sell quickly:

• the stock market crash of October 1987

2. COMPUTING an occasion when a computer or a piece of computer software suddenly stops working:

• If you don't save your work and there's a crash, you'll lose everything you've done.

  [m0] II. crash crash 2 verb
1. [intransitive] FINANCE if stockmarkets or shares crash, they suddenly lose a lot of value:

• The cost of the project has soared, causing the shares to crash 11p to 329p.

2. [intransitive, transitive] COMPUTING if a computer or a piece of software crashes, or if you crash it, it suddenly stops working properly:

• The memory was completely overloaded, causing the system to crash.

• an error which crashed the whole system

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   A dangerously steep fall in economic conditions or asset prices, such as the Wall Street Crash of 1929. A crash leads to a sudden fall in confidence in investment and the economy. Companies and individuals reduce consumption and investment as they try to repay debt borrowed to buy assets which have fallen steeply in value. That leads to further drops in demand for credit and threatens the overall level of economic activity.

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crash UK US /kræʃ/ noun [C]
ECONOMICS a sudden serious fall in the value of something, for example, of shares or of a particular area of business: »

A crash in China could also affect the global economy if the country's demand for imports and raw materials drops sharply.


They had lost all their money in the Wall Street Crash of 1929.


The stock market crash has had a major impact, with many investors still nursing big losses.

crash in sth »

The crash in the property market has led to many houses being repossessed by mortgage companies.

See Note RECESSION(Cf. ↑recession)
IT a sudden failure of a computer or system: »

Wednesday's state computer crash created far more problems than officials first realized.

crash UK US /kræʃ/ verb
[I] ECONOMICS, FINANCE to suddenly lose value, in a way that is serious: crash from sth to sth »

Its share price has crashed from nearly £7 in November to just £0.50.


Most experts agree that the market crashed because of unbridled speculation, low margins, and a lack of government oversight.

[I or T] IT if a computer or system crashes, or if someone or something crashes it, it suddenly stops working: »

The server crashed twice and we had no idea why.


The message will highlight the error that crashed the computer.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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